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We’ve all experienced them: noisy neighbors. Whether they fight constantly, play loud music, have big parties, own dogs who love to bark, or make noise in other ways, noisy neighbors aren’t fun to deal with. You can take a variety of approaches to asking your neighbors to quiet down, ranging from polite conversations to contacting your courtesy officer. You don’t want to get confrontational, but you also don’t want to be plagued by constant commotion.

Here are some tips for successfully dealing with noisy neighbors:

  1. Soundproof your apartment.  A fan or white noise machine will help drown out noise.  Drapes and curtains will also help insulate against outside noise.
  2. Politely confront your neighbor.  More often then not, your neighbor’s may not be aware of how loud they are.
  3. Defer to management.  Your apartment manager here at Southern Oaks Apartments are equipped to handle these situations.

In addition, keep in mind that if you can hear your neighbor, chances are they can hear you as well.  So, be proactive, introduce yourself to your neighbors, offer them your phone number and let them know that they can contact you directly if you get too loud.