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It’s that time of year again for our Southern Oaks Apartment residents.  Fall is in the air and college football season is well underway.  If your planning to do some tail gating this year, here are some great tips to make it a huge success.tailgate-party-1

Preparation and packing tips:

  1. Always keep a toolbox packed with tailgate essential in the trunk of your car.  Make sure to include spatulas, bottle openers, tongs, can opener, toothpicks, wooden skewers, basting brush, mini flashlight, trash bags, paper towels, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, poncho, plastic zip bags, Sharpie, masking tape and don’t forget to add your favorite condiments, spices and seasoning.
  2.  Learn the rules of packing a cooler.  Make sure that everything you are putting in the cooler is chilled first.  Place all bottles and cans on the bottom and cover with ice.  Place all bagged and softer items on top covering them with ice.  Make sure the cooler is full to ensure that no warm air sneaks in.
  3. Skewer and marinate kebabs the night before.
  4. Shape and pack up burger patties between sheets of wax paper the night before, too.
  5. Slice and pack up burger topping in advance in a resealable container.
  6. Label your drink coolers so guest can find drinks easily.
  7. Freeze water bottles to use instead of ice in coolers so you have cold water to drink after they melt.
  8. Fill six pack drink holders with your favorite hot sauces and other condiments.
  9. Pack a mini first-aid kit into an old prescription bottle.
  10. Pack an extra set of essentials such as tongs, charcoal, propane, ice, etc.
  11.  Bring a large plastic tub to haul back dirty dishes.
  12. Pack jumper cables.  You never know when you will need them.
  13. Bring a metal bucket for still-glowing coals and make sure your grill is extinguished properly.
  14. Turn a cooler into a warming oven using foil and hot bricks.

Now that you are prepared, what’s on your menu?